Retrofits and Modifications


We specialise in modifying Low voltage switchgear. We have a vast experience in replacing old, worn out equipment and breathing new life into switchgear. A few examples below show why our customers are replacing old devices:

  • Insurance requirment
  • Overheating
  • Arc faults
  • Poor earth loop impedance tests
  • Contains asbestos
  • Mechanical failure
  • Nuisance tripping
  • Adding additional load to their system

When a device fails this can cause your operation to grind to a hault causing you huge costs and ultimately let down customers. We can replace failed devices in a very quick turnaround. We recently replaced a product which failed with 24 hours from the point of call to fitting the bespoke copper and moulded case circuit breaker. Please pick one of the above menus for further details of our services.