Switchgear - Servicing

Switchgear is a critical part of your business and should be serviced like any other equipment in your facility.

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Forgotten and in a locked room switchgear is often neglected until it trips or you need to isolate the building.

Switchgear Servicing

Like any mechanical device switchgear should be serviced at regular intervals to ensure correct operation.

A service should consist of:-

  • Checking the insulation properties of your switchboard are within tolerance
  • Connections are tight and within the correct torque ratings
  • There are no signs of overheating or arcing
  • Protective devices trip and within the manufactured limits
  • Control circuitry operates correctly
  • If left unchecked any of the above issues could cause failure to the switchboard and downtime for your business.

    If you would like your switchboard serviced please contact the below for a competitive quotation

    Robin Farley


    Tel: 07805 742 079

    Adam Blackwell


    Tel: 07428 815 474